Nose And Tail

Last week I made a silly game called Ambex. This weekend I made a silly game called Nose and Tail. They both were started by me asking for four words on Twitter – I specified what kind of words, because in both cases I kind of had an idea in mind. I just wanted some random input from people, to make it more fun and to add extra possibilities in. I’m slowly collecting this into a process that I can do on a regular basis, that I’m calling a ‘four word game jam’. More on this after Christmas I hope!

Download here. Requires Java.

I asked for two careers, one noun and one emotion and I got wine taster, fisherman, action figure and discombobulated. I had various ideas about them at first, but my inability to draw a wine taster or a fisherman meant that they sort of became inspirations at best. Sorry to Tristan and Craig for that!

The idea is not exactly earth-shattering: you can swap between your Nose and Tail costumes by standing in front of a colour-coded action figure box (again, not the best art) and pressing ‘up’. Costumes have different abilities, and exits to levels are colour-coded too. There’s only five levels in here, but it gives you an idea of the mechanic, which is about as far as you can get in the time I had!

I’m putting the code and art online here in GitHub. The music is generated using autotracker-bu which you can get… somewhere on GitHub. I can’t remember exactly where, unfortunately but I’ll try and find it and link it in. I also used LibGDX and the flixel-android library, which I obviously haven’t bundled into the Git upload.

Do let me know what you think! As I say, more on the four-word-game-jam later. If you want to throw words at me the next time I do one, please do follow me on Twitter!

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